Telescope lets users post links, share videos, or write text posts, then vote and comment on their favorite content., a community about the Meteor JavaScript framework.

Built-In Newsletters

Telescope integrates with MailChimp to automatically send a daily or weekly email newsletter.
Newsletter emails will also adopt your site's color and branding.


Telescope's default theme includes a mobile view and touch-friendly targets.
GameDev News, a community for game development news and discussions.

Easy To Customize

Replace template fragments, add menu items, or inject new modules with a single line of code.
templates.postTitle = "customTitle";

Open Source

Telescope is MIT-licensed. You can use it completely free, even for commercial applications.

Built With Meteor

Telescope runs on JavaScript framework Meteor, which means it's real-time, fast, and reactive.

Other Features

  • Real-time Updating

    Watch as posts and comments update live.

  • Invite-only Access

    Control access to make Telescope either private or public.

  • Notifications

    Never miss a reply thanks to built-in email notifications.

  • Markdown Support

    Markdown makes it easy to format your posts beautifully.

  • Flexible Authentication

    Telescope is flexible: log-in however you want.

  • Multiple Views

    Rank posts by date, votes, or view the best posts of each day.